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  • Trademark Class 1: Chemicals

    Trademark is used under different classes and each one can represent their own class of service or goods. Let us take a review of the goods that fall under trademark class 1. Trademark Class 1 is used as a symbol of chemical products which are used in general science, agriculture and industry. Class 1 mainly […]

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gst update

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How the New GST Will Aid Upcoming Businesses

The goods and services tax which was presented in the Lok Sabha in the year of 2014, is, at last, is being passed in the coming season to be held from the month of July. The decision on goods and services tax has been pending for a long time due to the disagreement of the […]

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GST for Startups

GST regime is the conveyor belt that will take India to a unified tax regime with a mission to achieve ‘One nation: One tax’ principle. Tax reforms have been underway since liberalization keeping in mind the changing economic, fiscal and monetary landscape of the country. Why GST replaced Value added tax? VAT was introduced in […]

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Benefits of GST

  GST is the one among the best fiscal reforms in India since Independence. This has impacted all small to large businesses in India. One of its benefits is the removal of cascading tax effect, in another word a tax on tax. At present output, VAT cannot be set off on service tax paid on […]

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Difference between current taxation and GST in India

Goods and services tax, GST is a new introduction made by the government in India. The same shall be launched on 1st July 2017 abandoning the current taxation system on goods and services.it is a comprehensive of all the current taxes, a multi-stage and a destination based tax that shall be applied on every value […]

Trademark Classes

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Trademark Class 45: Legal and Security Services

Trademark class 45 consists of security services to protect an individual and a property, legal services, social and personal services that is taken to met the individual’s needs. Apart from these, there are several services that are also fallen under class 45. Let’s take the overview of these services. Choose Class 45 for Registering With […]

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Trademark Class 44: Medical and Beauty Services

Trademark class 44 comprises of beauty and hygienic care and medical care for animals and human beings. Apart from these, it also consists of services which are related to forestry, agriculture and horticulture. Let’s see the details of services that are classified under class 44. List of Services That Are Included In Class 44 Here […]

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Trademark Class 43: Hotels and Restaurants

You all know that trademark is used under different classes and each one can represent their own class of service or goods. Trademark class 43 mainly includes of temporary accommodation, drink and food. Let us see the details of services and goods that are fallen under class 43 Comprehensive Services That Are Classified Under Class […]

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Trademark Class 42: Technology and Software Services

The Trademark Class 42 consists of scientific or technical services in relation to theoretical and practical aspects of rather complex fields. The services would include those that are provided by chemists, engineers, physicists, computer programmers and other similar occupations. Following services are also included in this Class: The services of scientists and engineers who undertake […]

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Trademark Class 41: Education and Entertainment Services

The Trademark Class 41 includes services for education, entertainment, sporting, providing of training and cultural activities. This class mainly covers the services that are rendered by an institution or persons involved in the development of mental faculties or people or animals, as well as the services that are intended to engage or entertain the attention. […]

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Trademark Class 40: Treatment of Materials

Trademark class 40 includes the services which mainly indicate the chemical and mechanical transformation of an object and organic or inorganic substances. It is one of the 45 trademarks that are used by trademark office and U.S patent. The ITR uses these for classifying the trademarks. Let us see for which types of goods you […]