OPC to Private Limited Company

Starting @ RS. 15,999



Where the paid up share capital of a One Person Company exceeds fifty lakh rupees and its average annual turnover during the period of immediately preceding three consecutive financial years exceeds two crore rupees, it shall cease to be entitled to continue as a One Person Company.
Such One Person Company shall be required to convert itself, within six months of the date on which its paid up share capital is increased beyond fifty lakh rupees or the last day of the relevant period during which its average annual turnover exceeds two crore rupees as the case may be, into either a private company with minimum of two members and two directors or a public company with at least of seven members and three directors in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.

cost breakup

Price 15999
TOTAL 15999/-

  • Additional fee for Late filling not including
  • Additional fee paid as per Additional fee rules



Certificate of Incorporation


PAN card of the company


MOA & AOA of the company


DSC of the existing director

List of members

List of members and list of creditors

Latest audited Balance Sheet

Latest audited Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss account


  • 1 DIN
  • Preparation of Documents
  • 1DSC
  • RoC Registration fees for Conversion
  • Drafting of MOA & AOA
  • Filling of forms with RoC

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Is it possible to convert OPC to Private Limited?

Yes, it is possible to convert OPC to Private Limited but there is a Compulsory & Voluntary Conversion.

What is Compulsory & Voluntary conversion?

When an OPC has paid up share capital more or equal to Rs. 50 lakhs or the Annual Turnover for the relevant financial year exceeds Rs. 2 crore, then in this condition, the company has to compulsorily convert into Private Limited Company.

When an OPC is incorporated and the 2 years time period is over, then an OPC can apply for converting itself to Private Limited Company. This is called Voluntary conversion.

Whether to increase members at the time of conversion?

Yes, there is a minimum 2 members required at the time of conversion.

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