Trademark Class 42: Technology and Software Services

The Trademark Class 42 consists of scientific or technical services in relation to theoretical and practical aspects of rather complex fields. The services would include those that are provided by chemists, engineers, physicists, computer programmers and other similar occupations.

Following services are also included in this Class:

  • The services of scientists and engineers who undertake estimates, evaluations, research and reports in the technological and scientific fields (Including technological consultancy);
  • Scientific research services for the medical purposes

This means that Trademark Class 42 includes the services that are provided by people either individually or collectively. This would be in relation to the practical as well as theoretical aspects of rather complex fields of activities. These kinds of services are provided by the members of professions like physicists, chemists, computer programmers, engineers etc.

Following services are not included in this Class:

  • Medical treatment services
  • Research and evaluation related to a business
  • Fiscal and financial evaluations
  • Services related to computer file management and Word Processing
  • Services related to Computer installation and repair
  • Oil Extraction and mining
  • Designing of Garden
  • Any legal services
  • The services that are provided by the members of profession like veterinary surgeons, medical doctors, psychoanalysts etc

The Trademark registration is based upon a class system. This is because of the varied nature of things which can be trademarked. You would be required to pay separate fees for registration for each of the class of goods or services that you can register for. Class 42 happens to be one of the most popular classes of the trademark for new applications. This signifies that your trademark might face tighter scrutiny or competition.