Trademark Class 43: Hotels and Restaurants

You all know that trademark is used under different classes and each one can represent their own class of service or goods. Trademark class 43 mainly includes of temporary accommodation, drink and food. Let us see the details of services and goods that are fallen under class 43

Comprehensive Services That Are Classified Under Class 43

Here is list of goods and services that are classified under trademark class 43

  • Reservation services by brokers or travel agencies for temporary accommodation of the traveller
  • Boarding which are made for animals
  • Services which are provided for preparing drinks and foods
  • Services that can provide board and bed in the hotels

Services That Are Not Classified Under Class 43

When registering with these services you have to choose class 43

  • Travel arrangement which are made by tourist agencies
  • Discotheque services
  • Services to preserve the drink and food
  • Boarding schools
  • Real estate rental services
  • Rest homes

Above is the list of services that are included in class 43. But there are some services also which are not fallen under class 43. If you can follow the guide then you can choose the perfect class for your services.